Customer of the MonthDecember

Victoria Agaeva, Timour Ezizov, Albert Ezizov

Career: RN, IT Engineer and Student

Years at CrossFit Gotham: 1

The family that CrossFits together...

We moved from Brussels Belgium four years ago. We all used to play tennis in Belgium, but it was much less convenient to play here as such we looked for something to replace our physical activity with. I watched “Finest on earth” on Netflix and learned about crossfit. I enjoyed the values it showed and wanted to try it out for myself. After trying it and loving it, I recommended crossfit to my son and husband. We started going regularly and enjoying it together.

Each of us speaks at least four languages
The four we all speak are English, French, Dutch and Russian.

Why has CrossFit worked for you?
Crossfit for me is a representation of my lifestyle as I like to challenge myself. The moment I tried it, I knew this was for me and fell in love with it. In addition I enjoy the positive competition that is present in the crossfit community.
What other aspects do you like about this training?
The workout designs is something I really enjoy as they are very diverse and target a lot of muscle groups. This with the combination of a high intensity environment is very beneficial to the body which allows to get in shape very quickly and evenly. This has the advantage over a regular gym to take you out of your daily life and comfort zone. For an hour you are solely focused on completing the workout to the best of your ability and there is no time to think of anything else.
What’s the best part about CrossFit Gotham?
The best part is the people. The environment created by the team is awesome and pushes you to perform better. The fact that the groups are on the smaller side than in other places allows for a closer bond with the people and allows to feel like a part of crossfit Gotham family. Everyone pushing each other to perform better and be stronger.

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