CrossFit Classes

Group classes led by a certified coach; building fitness through community!

In it’s true definition CrossFit is “CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.” But, in it’s practical, everyday life application definition, it’s hands-on fitness at it finest.

Good CrossFit is where the coaches are experts in fitness and care about you and your fitness journey, and they invest themselves in helping you reach your goals. CrossFit is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But, fair warning, once you try it, you may never want to go to the “other gyms” again!


this program includes our sought after group classes and open gym every week day from 11 am-4 pm.


Group CrossFit Classes

Join our community and workout with a group!

  • Drop In: $40
  • 10-pack no expiration: $349
  • Month-to-month unlimited: $224
  • 2 Classes/week:
    $99 registration +
  • Unlimited Classes:
    $99 registration +$180/month
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Semi-Private Coaching

Want to workout with plenty of space?

  • Customized programming
  • Supervised attention
  • Limited participants per session
  • Hourly Pre-Booked Sessions: 8,9, or 10 am M, T, W, F
  • 2 Sessions/week: $249/month
  • 5 Sessions/week: $349/month
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1:1 training

Workout with one of our certified trainers

  • Individual exercise plans to fit your fitness goals
  • Scheduling at your convenience
  • Certified and experienced trainers
  • State of the art facility at your disposal
  • Per session: $129
  • 10 sessions: $990
  • 20 sessions: $1480
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