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Carmen Basdeo

Years at CrossFit Gotham: 1

Great Beginnings

My mom and dad migrated to the U.S from Guyana in the early 70’s. I was the first to be born in the U.S and the first to graduate college. Growing up I was always sick so I spent a lot time in the E.R, that’s probably why I wanted a job in Healthcare. I got a job in healthcare and got married right after college and have been with employer and husband over 24 yrs. Like most, I did not really have time to exercise. I would always walk by CrossFit watching everyone run and exercise but never took the initiative to explore the gym. I started to get very sick and diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and Uveitis my doctor had me on all these medications and I was just getting tired of it and realized that there has to be a better way.

1) How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I contacted CrossFit in November 2020 and have been a member for about 6 months.
2) Why did you look to start exercising?
I started to exercise to have my body work on healing itself and alleviated the symptoms of my RA. I want to become stronger and to be less tired and fatigued all the time.
3) What is your favorite part of the workouts?
I enjoy all of the combination workouts such as deadlifts, jumping rope, sit-up's, pull-up's, etc. The workout's target a lot of muscle groups. This with the combination of high intensity workouts is beneficial to the whole body and mental health. You are slowly focused on completing the workout to the best of your ability. Everyone in the class is always helpful and encouraging which makes you want to push forward.
4) What is your least favorite
My least favorite work out is running around the block. I find running very challenging. The last time I ran track was in elementary school. Therefore, it was difficult to jump back into running. My hope is to keep at it and continue to get better.
5) How has the program benefited you?
During the 6 months, my health issues have subsided. I have more energy, less fatigued and feel a lot stronger. It has improved my balance and flexibility.
6) What are you goals for the future?
My goal is to continue to get stronger, lose weight and tone my body. Encourage others about the benefits of CrossFit.

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